Before moving any further to download McAfee we will need a McAfee 25 digit activation code. A 25 digit code is required to activate McAfee so first of all we will know where we will get that code.

McAfee activate 25 digit code: What is McAfee 25 digit code?

A McAfee 25 digit code is on your McAfee retail card if you purchased your McAfee from an offline store like Bestbuy, staples, or any other offline store. You need to check the back of your retail card and you need to peel that place where the activation code is written.
In case you have done an online purchase then the activation code will come to your email registered with that store or you will get that code directly on the store website. An activation contains alphabets and numbers combination and looks like below-

where x can be any number or alphabet.

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System Requirements of Mcafee

  • 1 GHz processor or higher.
  • 512 MB RAM or higher for Windows XP.
  • 1 GB RAM or higher for Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
  • Minimum 500 MB free hard drive space.
  • Working Internet connection.
  • Working peripheral devices.

Mcafee activate 25 digit code

Now moving further we need to activate that McAfee 25 digit code. For doing the activation simply open a Web browser in your computer and follow the instructions below-

Type in the URL box of your internet browser.
When the URL will open it will show you a box to enter that code, enter your code, and click submit. Activation is redeemed now or you can say activation is done. But now you need to download the product.
On the next screen, you will see a login window. Log in here if you already have a McAfee account and if you don’t have one then hit register now on the right. We will discuss the McAfee account creation afterward in the next section. Here I am considering that you are now logged in to the McAfee account.
Now it will show you the download button and when you will hit the download button it will create a serial number note it down as it will be required.
Run the download and accept the license agreement. Put the serial number when it is asked and follow the positive options to complete the installation.

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  6. Anti-Malware ProtectionAuto-detect emails trying to expose you to malware or trick you into giving away your data.
  7. Mobile ProtectionLocate and lock your lost mobile phone using your centralized McAfee account.