Download your McAfee with your activation code here just by following the instructions given below-

download McAfee with activation code- First of all you will need an activation code/product key to redeem it. Then you will need a McAfee account to log in. If you already have a McAfee account then follow the procedure 1. And follow the procedure 2 when you don’t have a McAfee account.

Minimum System Requirements

  • 1 GHz processor or higher.
  • 512 MB RAM or higher for Windows XP.
  • 1 GB RAM or higher for Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.
  • Minimum 500 MB free hard drive space.
  • Working Internet connection.
  • Working peripheral devices.

What is the McAfee activation code?

The 25-digit alphanumeric McAfee activation is on the backside of the retail card of the purchased McAfee product. Rub on the backside of the McAfee retail card to get the activation code which looks like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx.

Procedure 1 to Download McAfee with activation code-

  • Open a Web browser on your computer.
  • Now type in the URL box of your browser and hit enter key on the keyboard that will open a Web page on your computer.
  • Now if you have the activation code then you can just enter it in the box on this Web page.
  • When you will enter the code and submit it, a new web page will open that will require your login to your McAfee account.
  • Now login to your McAfee account with your McAfee credentials.
  • Inside the account, you will see a product to download and when you will download it, it will also create a serial number. Just note down that serial number somewhere as it will be required during the install.
  • Now run the download and accept the license agreement, just follow the positive options to get it done.
  • In between, it will ask for serial number just put it when it is required. Follow the positive options in order to complete the installation.

Features or specifications of webroot:

  • It does not only provide you the protection and antivirus security for your computer but also offers the best speed of your internet browsers and your computers.
  • The MIS Retail Card (McAfee Internet Security) is providing protection of all our intimate and private information’s which are stored on our computer from different type’s internet hackers.
  • It will provide you alerts and keep safe from the online threats and viruses, it also keeps safe us to browse malicious websites and defected downloads.
  • It is competitive software with all the latest operating systems while we are using Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Because of each type of computer, mobile, or tablet in this globe can be secured by this card activation.
  • This also provides many more services like app privacy, data backup, anti-theft, Wi-Fi protection, etc on your Android devices.

Procedure 2 to download McAfee with activation code

Follow this procedure when you don’t have a McAfee account.

  • Open the Web browser in your computer just like Microsoft edge, google chrome, safari or firefox.
  • Now just like procedure 1 open the
  • Put the activation code and submit.
  • Now when you will submit it will ask you to log in to McAfee account as you don’t have one, just have a look on the right side, a button is there saying register now. Click on that button.
  • A form is on the screen fill the form and hit “I agree” in the bottom.
  • Now check your email inbox for the confirmation email from McAfee hit on the link to verify inside the email message.
  • Login to your Account now and download the product. Don’t forget to note down the serial number.
  • Run the program and follow the positive options, accept the license agreement, and put the serial number when asked. And the rest will happen automatically.

Precautions during the — Download McAfee with activation code

McAfee activation code is on the back of your McAfee retail card. You need to peel the place. As the activation code of McAfee is the primary requirement so peel the place gently so you don’t lose any of the characters of activation code.

Before starting the installation procedure check you computer program list and remove any other security programs if you have any. In case you have any other variants of McAfee still you need to remove it. As 2 antivirus can conflict each other. Do not forget to restart your computer for complete removal of an old security software. Start a fresh installation procedure again.

Now in case, you face any other problem during the install or you have any other problem in the computer itself consider reaching our support as we are always online and will be very happy to help you.